Guide to hack score hero

The game presents the story of a robot who progresses and passes tests, will become human. The participants must demonstrate they are not automated robots, that with his intelligence, sensitivity and emotions, are able to make the most of technology.

Learn how to manage the privacy not providing personal information to strangers, not contribute to spreadingHack score Hero, know how to manage intellectual property, care for language, or reflect on the contents that are shared on social networks, are some of the messages that the game meant to convey.

All teens who wish to participate must register on the score hero hack website  until May 15, 2016. Once registered, will have to overcome a series of tests grouped by the following thematic areas: intellectual property, Internet, privacy, security, good uses and veracity of sources on the Internet and social relations.

Each European country will have their own classification and you can complete the game in Spanish, English, French, German or Italian. The final score will depend on the time spent and the responses obtained in each test. So a winner is established by country, which will receive a technology award, and the award ceremony will take place at the headquarters of the European Parliament at the end of June 2016.

The game at European level is the first time that it will start moving, but more than 12,000 teenagers participated in the three previous editions in Spain.

Tresemme announced Prize to the best designer

Mónica Cordera rose, for the second time, with the Tresemme Prize to the best designer. Among the attendees we could see the actresses Aurora Carbonell, Patricia Montero, an impressive Fernando Andina and recognized faces in the sector such as María Leon, who accompanied the designer in his third parade in TRESemme MFSHOW WOMENAnd it is that their immortal collection is an ode to believe to see. To hedonism.


To this rare bird of Eastern mythology that invites us to look to our around with deployed wide soul, mind, and spirit.Under this mystical atmosphere, Mónica Cordera is inspired by ancient China, his idolized Peacock, his splendid lithographs and mosaics, their worship towards nature and the inner world to create the main pattern of the collection. He combines his personal vision of the resurgence with prints and vibrant colors; because in his universe eternal elegance is so full of nuances and creative freedom.On crepes, Chiffons, point, embroidered tulle, wool cloth 50%and jacquards, reborn her account of style, with the skins of lamb as part of the argument.

This richness of textures declines through a serene color palette and, at the same time, intense to magnetic, dominated by red, mustard, blue, black, white and green in a mix of meanings, of a sudden, unexpected.Once more, palazzo pants become the signature together with sophisticated, dresses and monkeys studied patterns in garments that simulate flying.